Incorporating David Trodden & Associates

David Trodden began practicing as a Solicitor in Balmain in 1988.

I came to Balmain as a solicitor in October 2000 and David was the first Local Solicitor I happened to meet in Balmain. Since then we have been friends.

In 2003 myself and my then soon to be partner Des Sloman took over from our then boss and formed D’Arcy Sloman Solicitors which morphed into D’Arcy Sloman Peacock Lawyers a few years later.

Since I have known David our practices have been very similar and our way of thinking and dealing with the law and clients was also very similar. With clients David and I always believed in the “personal touch”. Not everything can be sorted out by an email.

However with David’s ever-increasing interest in Rugby league, first with the Wests Tigers and now as CEO of the NSW Rugby League, David’s ability to still provide the “personal touch” with his clients, became increasingly more difficult. The solution was for me to take over his practice so the “personal touch” with clients that was so important to David could continue to live on. Balmain Legal Practices should merge with other Balmain Legal Practices. That is the way it should be in Balmain. Some things must remain local.

In an age where we are fast becoming more impersonal with our interaction with others the “personal touch” with clients is something I pride myself on, something David prided himself on as a Solicitor and is a core belief of DSP Lawyers.

Lastly can I take this opportunity on behalf of David to thank you for all the past business you provided David and I hope we can continue that relationship.