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Vince D’Arcy

Solicitor & Notary Public

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Vince D’Arcy was admitted as a solicitor in 1999 and began practising in 2000 as an employee at White & Downey Solicitors, as the firm was then known. He has been Partner at the firm since 2003.

Prior to becoming a solicitor, Vince worked as a legal clerk/manager at several Local Courts for nearly 15 years, during which time he held various positions including Registrar and Chamber Magistrate positions. Consequently, Vince has a deep and extensive knowledge of the Local Court system, particularly in the criminal jurisdiction.

When Vince first came to work as a solicitor for White & Downey Solicitors, he took on matters in many areas of law including family law. Since taking over the firm Vince has gradually been able to narrow his focus to specific areas of law. Vince’s current main practice areas include:

Criminal & Traffic Law

Much of Vince’s work involves his representation of clients in both Local and District Court matters although he prefers to appear in the Local Court as that is where he started his working life . He brings to the firm and his practice a rare and valuable combination of real-time experiences with his work in the Court system. He strives hard to retain objectivity and an honest focus on achievable and realistic outcomes.

Vince’s criminal law work is broad, from complex jury trials (briefing a Barrister of course) heard over weeks to straight forward pleas on traffic matters. In regard to briefing a Barrister for District Court trials Vince has a small team of Barristers that he interchanges depending on the matter. These Barristers he has used for many years. This makes the process for the client so much easier as the Barrister and Solicitor know what each other are thinking.

He regularly appears on personal violence and domestic violence offences such as assaults and property offences such as theft, burglary, and property damage. In particular, how mental health conditions are able to be appropriately taken into account in proceedings.

Civil and Commercial Litigation

Over the years Vince has appeared in the Local, District and Supreme Courts as well as NCAT (formerly Consumer, Trade & Tenancy Tribunal) in a variety of matters however recently in several family Provision matters and one large defamation case.

In all civil matters involving litigation (or court cases), alternative dispute resolution is the touchstone of modern practice compare to a court-imposed outcome and that is usually expensive, slow and out of the control of the parties. Vince prides himself on ensuring that every step taken in a matter of purposeful, worthwhile and resolution focussed.

Conveyancing and Wills & Estate matters

Over the years, Vince has completed hundreds upon hundreds of conveyancing and probate files. He is also experienced with off the plan conveyancing, strata law (home units) and retirement living. Broadly this includes residential sales and purchases, commercial properties and businesses as well lessors and lessees of commercial and farm properties.

In addition to Court matters and property law work, he also helps clients with their Estate Planning as well as drafting Wills and the administration of deceased Estates. This extends from simple wills, testamentary trust wills, wills dealing with complex business structures and discretionary trusts.

Chris Peacock


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Chris is an experienced general practitioner with a focus on Conveyancing, Estate Planning and Estate Administration work. Before practising as a Solicitor, Chris worked as a film and television script writer.

Prior to the closing of Balmain Court, in 2015, Chris regularly defended clients at Balmain Local Court for approximately twenty years.

Since then, Chris has elected to spend his time at the office, where he now practices mainly in the areas of Conveyancing, Wills and Estates. This has resulted in bringing hundreds upon hundreds of conveyancing and estate matters to conclusion seamlessly and satisfactorily.

Chris also prepares powers of attorney and advanced care directives for the firm’s clients and works closely at times with his client’s financial advisors. In addition, Chris has a strong involvement in assisting clients with diminished capacity including the elderly, to enjoy all rights, even in circumstances of cognitive challenges.

If Vince is in Court, you can be sure Chris will be at the office.

Kerry Holmes

Kerry has been a Balmain resident since 1973. During her long career she has 30+ years’ experience as a paralegal and conveyancer in both Balmain and CBD law firms.

Carole Norman

Carole has lived in the Leichhardt municipality for over thirty years and has worked as a Paralegal for Chris Peacock since 1997.

History of the Firm

1980 – The firm, originally called White & Downey Solicitors, was established by Geoff White and Lee Downey.

2000 – Des Sloman and Vince D’Arcy were employed as solicitors at White & Downey.

2003 – Des and Vince became the firm’s principals upon the retirement of Geoff White, Lee Downey having already left the firm in the early 1990s.

2004 – The firm then became D’Arcy Sloman Solicitors.

2008 – Chris Peacock, a respected solicitor who has practised locally in Balmain for many years as Chris Peacock & Co. Solicitors, joined our practice. The practice was then renamed D’Arcy Sloman Peacock Lawyers shortly thereafter.

2013 – The firm acquired the firm David Trodden & Associates following David Trodden’s appointment as CEO of NSW Rugby League.