An overview of Retail Leases in New South Wales

Signing a commercial lease is a significant legal and financial commitment for both landlords and tenants. It is important for each party to understand the relationship they are entering and the rights and obligations they each have. Some commercial leases are... Read More

Drink Driving and the Alcohol Interlock Program NSW

In New South Wales, driving after consuming alcohol is regulated by the Road Transport Act 2013 and the Road Transport (Alcohol and Drugs) Act 1977. These acts set out the legal framework for drink driving offences, prescribed blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limits,... Read More

De facto relationships and Will contests

All jurisdictions in Australia provide statutory rights for eligible persons to contest an unfair Will if they can show that that have been left without adequate provision by the testator. In New South Wales, an eligible person includes a spouse, de facto partner, or... Read More

Power of Attorney Abuse

A Power of Attorney is a legal document authorising a person to act for you and make binding decisions on your behalf. A Power of Attorney is usually prepared: to facilitate and complete transactions when you are unavailable to do so, for example while travelling; to... Read More

When post-employment restraints are too broad

The Victorian Court of Appeal recently revisited the enforceability of restraint clauses in employment contracts. Just Group Limited (ACN 096 911 410) v Nicole Peck [2016] VSCA 334 considered an appeal from a Supreme Court decision (Just Group Limited v Peck [2016]... Read More

Love thy neighbour – common neighbourhood disputes

We’ve all heard of the saying “love thy neighbour”, however it is sometimes difficult to feel this way if your neighbour is breaching residential noise restrictions or if you are in the middle of a boundary or fencing dispute. It’s easy to feel... Read More