De facto relationships and Will contests

All jurisdictions in Australia provide statutory rights for eligible persons to contest an unfair Will if they can show that that have been left without adequate provision by the testator. In New South Wales, an eligible person includes a spouse, de facto partner, or... Read More

Power of Attorney Abuse

A Power of Attorney is a legal document authorising a person to act for you and make binding decisions on your behalf. A Power of Attorney is usually prepared: to facilitate and complete transactions when you are unavailable to do so, for example while travelling; to... Read More

Why it’s a bad idea to write your own Will

It is relatively easy to find a free Will template on the internet and fairly cheap to buy a Will “kit” from a newsagent or online. There are also websites that have “data collectors” that take your information and create a Will for you seemingly without any legal... Read More

What to do if your Driver’s License is at risk

Did you know that in certain circumstances a driver of a motor vehicle, who may otherwise have their licence suspended or possibly cancelled, may be able to apply to a Court for a good behaviour licence? And did you know that it may be possible to have a Court review... Read More

New laws for Short-Term Rental Accommodation NSW

The New South Wales Government has introduced a statewide regulatory framework for short-term rental accommodation, titled State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) Amendment (Short-Term Rental Accommodation) 2021 (STRA). The framework regulates... Read More